The Benefits XTRADE.IO Bring To Cryptocurrency Markets.

In their present state cryptocurrency exchanges are broken and lack common features and functionality expected by finance and trading professionals.

Here are some of the advantages that the XTRADE.IO platform will bring to cryptocurrency markets.

Trade Multiple Markets with One Account
No need to open accounts at multiple exchanges and track prices manually – Xtrade will provide best pricing across the space and execute from our internal
liquidity pools.

Standard FIX Interface
Each exchange has their proprietary API - REST, Websocket, Python, random FIX versions. Instead of bothering with maintaining disparate systems, just write to Xtrade’s standard FIX API wrapper and access market data + execution for all exchanges with one simple interface.

Reduce Slippage
Orders move individual markets. Utilize Xtrade’s liquidity pool aggregation and smart routing tools to break up your order into smaller pieces so that slippage becomes a non-issue.

More Liquidity
Having multiple exchange accounts is great, but being able to instantly access liquidity worldwide allows for improved arbitrage opportunities, better prices, and higher execution quality.

Price Transparency
Xtrade will aggregate prices from all exchanges in real time, so if BTC is trading at a discount halfway across the world, you’ll know – and you’ll get that price on your trade.

Patent Pending Technology
We have filed for a patent with the USPTO for our proprietary crypto asset routing and liquidity aggregation technology.

Lower Execution Cost
Xtrade will aggregate trading volume across exchanges, thereby accessing a lower tier for trading costs, and passing the savings to our clients.

Reduce Counterparty Risk
Instead of opening accounts at each exchange and risking funds, simply utilize Xtrade’s balances to do away executions. You get the benefit of world-wide price improvement
and liquidity without the counterparty risk and cumbersome process of international account opening.

Trade 100x Faster
Xtrade already has a point of presence in many major data centers and will expand to cover most others in 2018. By leveraging Xtrade’s cross connections to exchange matching engines in data center environments, and hosting your trading solution in our Virtual Private Server infrastructure, your execution times can drop from 150-200 milliseconds to 1-2 milliseconds as compared to public internet pathways.

Private and Secure Pathways
Xtrade will leverage IPsec technology and industry standard best practices for end to end encryption on our execution network to protect your data and secure your order flow in a closed, proprietary system. By leveraging private internet transatlantic fiber connections and demarcation points close to matching engines, even non-collocated orders will be executed 40-60% faster – privately and securely.

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